Camshaft, 280 Racing Series (GX200s, 6.5 OHV, & 212 Predators)

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280 SERIES- The original NR camshaft. King of midrange. GREAT FOR MINI BIKES & MARINE APPLICATIONS

Approx .280 lift and 220 duration (at .050). This is a nice cam that works well on both stock and modified motors. This cam produces lots of low end torque. One of the best all around cams we offer. Honda blocks may need to be clearanced to install. 26 lb springs required. Bored or Aftermarket carb needed.

  • 280-0611: Good Torque Cam w/ excellent power. 7500 RPM. 10.5 to 1 compression or more, 26+ lb Springs ,
  • 280-0211: THE ULTIMATE TORQUE CAM. Special grind for Marine and Winch Boarding applications. Extreme torque. Designed for 2000 to 5500 RPM, 11 to 1 or Lower compression ratio required, HD Springs required

These cams are special order and take approx 1 week to ship.

Note: Block or crankshaft may require clearance to clear camshaft lobes

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