Head, Racing, Hemi for 212 Predators and 6.5 Chinese OHV's

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Hemi Style Race head for 212 Predators and GX200s. Includes Rockers. Everything you need to install (except head gasket, Valve cover, and pushrods).
Heads are typically built to order, Allow 2 to 3 days to ship (due to availability of Hemi cores, it may take even longer)
  • Fully Ported and bead blasted (option to delete)
  • Milled to increase compression
  • Oversize Lightweight Stainless Valves, 28mm Intake, 25mm Exhaust (Choice of +.070 or +.230" Longer)
  • Aluminum retainers and Split Keepers with Stainless valves.
  • 3 angle valve job
  • Lash Caps
  • Choice of single or dual springs

Requires 5.34 to 5.44 for the .070" longer valves or 5.11 to 5.16 for the .230" pushrods (not included)

Hemi heads are prone to piston to valve clearance. They must be checked carefully
Hemi heads are subject to coil bind using .070" Valves
We do not recommend 1.3 rockers due to valve to piston clearance issues.
The .230" valves may create improper valve geometry when using 1.2 or 1.3 ratio rockers
1.3 ratio rockers may coil bind when using .070" valves
.274 and 1.2 Rockers are max recommended valve lift for .070" long valves

Note: Valve cover is not included unless specified.

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