Larger Photo Email A Friend Camshaft, Dyno Cams 356- GX200 (GX160), 6.5 Chinese OHV, & 212 Predator

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The DynoCams 356 is a high lift modified grind that is very capable of extreme RPMs. This cam has very aggressive ramps and requires an upgraded spring package, billet rod, and billet flywheel. For use with Mikunis, Tillotson or larger carbs.

The lobes are welded for extra durability, extending the life of this cam.


    Engine: 196cc OHV Clone, 212cc Hemi Predator
    Recommended Class: Modified
    Target (MAX) RPM: 8500-9000
    Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 36 lbs
    Valve Lash (In/Ex): .003"
    Ignition Timining: 36 Deg BTDC


    Intake Exhaust
    Open: 51.6 BTDC 94.0 BBDC
    Close: 93.5 ABDC 54.8 ATDC
    Lift: .3555" .3555"
    C/L: 108.0 ATDC 108.0 BTDC
    DUR @ 50: 254.3 Deg 254.5 Deg

    Warning: Use of rocker arms with a ration longer than 1.1 may result in retainer to guide interference Note: Block or crankshaft may require clearancing to clear camshaft lobes.

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